Walking Stages

Here are all my walking videos, with approximate dates from first to current 🙂

So, for reference:
1. Legs taken 11/16/2010
2. Fittings for legs mid January 2011
3. Received first set of legs Valentines Day 2011
4. Gait training mid-March 2011
5. Off legs until mid-August 2011 due to skin breakdown.
6. Back on legs full time by the end of august, 2011.
7. Hard work ever since.

First day of fittings, mid-January 2011:

Last day of fittings, mid-January 2011:

YouTube Version

After Valentines Day 2011 but before mid-March gait training:

March 2011 gait training at Frazier Rehab, Louisville, KY:

Had the breakdown, and couldn’t walk, so no walking videos from about April 2011 to first part of September, 2011.
Here I am at the fire station at work, when I first figured out I could walk without a cane:

One of the last days I ever used my cane, 10/16/2011:

Not really walking, but just doing some things I love on my feet!:

12/21/2011, Day I got my latest sockets:

All assistive devices gone, but still weeble-wobble walking on Christmas Day, 2011:

Taught myself a better way to walk, less weeble-wabble on 2/22/2012:

If I find anymore videos of me walking, or make new ones, I will add them her in chronological order.