Amputee Resources

This section of my blog is dedicated to helping other amputees and their loved ones. Having the tragedy of loss of limb is a life changing event, for both the amputee and their friends and family.

When I became an amputee, there were no real world resources at hand to help me. I had a team of doctors, PT and OT, and prosthetists. But no amputees to talk to. I found some resources online that helped some, but I still felt alone. Writing has always come easy for me, so I started this blog to document my progress, and to get some of the feelings I had out and away from me.

I have updated this section of my site to include videos of my progress in walking, some how-tos, rehab, and other things. I will be reposting some of my blog entries as single pages here, if they are pertinent to the thought process of a new amputee. all of the pages will be in a drop down after you mouse over the main page link in the top menu bar.

I hope to be able to add to this section a bit better in the near future!

I hope the writings and videos of myself, and some of my close friends who stuck by my side will help you or your loved ones get through, and know that you are not alone.

There are others who have felt the same feelings, and had the same thoughts that you might be having.

You are NOT alone!