About Neil:

Neil Brown is a retired Fire Fighter/EMT with more than a decade experience in the Fire/Rescue services. He has held positions with Providence Fire/EMS, Webster County EMA Rescue Squad, SAR-3, Henderson City/County Rescue Squad, and has trained the Kentucky Corrections Departments C.E.R.T. Teams in high angle rope-rescue rappelling.  He is also an ENTSOC Certified Entomologist with 17 years experience in the field of urban entomology/pest management.

He is an author, father to a teenage son, avid motorcycle rider, and a Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu Blue belt.

Neil’s Story:

In September of 2010 Neil Brown came down with a simple sore throat. Several trips to the doctor later he had become more ill, with a chest cold and bronchitis that would simply not go away.

After three misdiagnosis he landed in the ER where his body ceased functioning, was resuscitated, and rushed into ICU. He spent nearly three weeks in a coma from what was found to be a MRSA infection that had started in his throat, spread to his lungs, and continued on into his blood stream, causing sepsis.

His family was told he would not make it through the night, but he kept on fighting. While in the coma he received dialysis to clean the infection from his blood, continuous antibiotics, and experimental medication to keep his blood pressure up in his core.

He woke from the coma to find his feet and all the fingers of his dominate hand black. The very medication used to save his life robbed him of his legs and fingers.  Two Feet Shorter was started to simply keep friends and family updated on his progress, but has evolved into much more.

Prosthetists, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists began sending their patients here so they might see that life goes on. Other amputees began contacting Neil with questions, for support, and to share their experiences.

After Neil came home from his three month hospital stay, had therapy, and learned to walk again, he pledged himself to helping other amputees by continuing to share here, peer counsel new amputees, and spread a message of hard work and hope!