Update For The New Year

So it’s been a while since I have posted any kind of update. We all make grand plans that life sometimes get in the way of, and I am certainly a victim of circumstance! (and maybe a little bit of procrastination!)

After my last post in September I got very busy here at home, and then sick, and then busy again, and then BOOM! Holidays struck. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Mine was hectic, but good!

So for those that are curious, yes I am alive, and yes I am still preparing for the Grappler’s Heart Tournament in April. I have been doing lots of training, both weights and on the mat, and have continued with my better eating and weight loss.

To help facilitate the trip for my coach and myself, we have started a crowd funding account at GoFundMe, and would ask all to please share this post, and help me if you can make it to this first of it’s kind Jiu Jitsu tournament!

I plan on having an update video posted by the end of the weekend to fill everyone in with details, so please stay tuned!

GoFundMe Link: