Weign in.. and something special coming soon!

Just stepped on the scales for the first time in months. As an ex-high school wrestler I have to make it a point to avoid the scales, because even now weighing in can become an obsession, and that just isn’t a good thing for your workout or your mind. I wanted to weigh in, though, to get a baseline for where I need to go from here for a special project. (coming soon, so stay tuned!)
What’s the verdict? with legs on I weigh 191 pounds. My legs weigh 12 pounds combined, so taking off that my actual body weight is 179 pounds!

I haven’t touched the 170’s in a healthy way since before I came home from the hospital. (I weighed 168 after my coma and limb loss. Feeding tubes will do that to ya!) Once I got home from the hospital and starting eating again my weight creeped up to the mid 190’s with legs off, but once I was able to walk again things got a little more stable for me, but I wasn’t losing weight, either.

That all changed once I got back on the mat training Gracie Jiu Jitsu! I am two years now back training, with on again and off again time due to illness and Behcet’s, and the on time has been time well spent! I feel better than I have in a long time, and losing fat and gaining muscle is just one of the many great by-products of the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle.

So to all my training buddies, my online GJJ/BJJ friends, and the wonderful mentors and legends of Jiu Jitsu that have honored me by following along with me on my GJJ journey, I say thank you! And to my friend and trainer Eric, I say…

PUSH ME HARDER! Thank you Sir, for helping me get back to me!

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I’m in the healthy 170’s! Woot woot!