Two Feet Shorter welcomes Nicole Milholland!

So glad to welcome Nicole Milholland to our blog! There are only so many guy things we can add to a blog, so I hope Nicole might be able to add some girlie friendly content! She just might also add some insight into her journey as a congenital amputee, sports medicine rehab professional, and educator!

So honored to have her here, helping and supporting amputees and their families!

Social media, new links, and cool new stuff!

All right then, college is done until January, and I am hoping I can get caught up on a few things I want to get done! I am hammering out a few things right now, and playing around with social media a bit more.. New facebook page, new twitter, and all that jazz!

Before I get into that, I would like to introduce you to an acquaintance of mine. I am sure most of you have heard of her, she is Stephanie Decker. Stephanie and I often meet in passing at our shared prosthetics company, Kentucky Prosthetics, and at amputee events.

She has a new website, and I offered to share her new site with my readers, and she gladly accepted. So, there is a link on my links section to the side, and the website is:


I wish you the best of luck with the site, Stephanie!

Now, on to other things! I have a facebook personal page and a facebook public page. Sometimes the things I put on my personal page are for a broader audience, and sometimes not. so, if you would like to shoot my public page a like, please do so.

Links to my public page and my new twitter accounts are in the sidebar here, so feel free to like, follow, share or what have ya!

Me and social media, happy accident waiting to happen? Who knows, follow along and see!