School’s out! Bring on the Summer!

My semester is officially over.. and I walked out with a GPA of 3.3.. In layman’s terms that is a B+, or 88%. Not bad, but i think I could have done better..

what shall I do now that I’m off from school for the summer? well, work on stuff for my college PTA program, of course! I have a lot to do to get my application to the PTA program done, so I will be busy!

What else? well I am thinking I might catch up on some camping and fishing with my son, get some squirrel hunting in, and maybe go for a ride on my new bike!

Yep, that’s right, my new bike. A buddy of mine traded me motorcycles, as I can’t get my feet on the pegs of the old ones. I know what your thinking.. good for him! He got himself a trike!

NOPE! This TwoFeetShorter dude is riding up on TWO WHEELS! I have already had several people nay-say me.. Tell me I am making a mistake.. I just don’t understand why.. I am not an invalid, handicapped, or disabled.. I admit, I am challenged.. But I have always enjoyed a challenge. If I can’t ride on two wheels dragging my knees into a curve.. what’s the point?

If I had to ride a trike on the road, I might as well give up the ghost and start riding quads off road… and I don’t much care for riding quads :/

So, nay-say all you want.. I am riding.. ON MY TERMS. And on this new bike! Yea, yea.. It’s a scooter.. But a highway scooter.. Part of the joy for me of owning a bike is working on it, modding it, and making it all my own.. so I have already begun that process.

I may take risks, but I am still playing it safe. this bike will have some custom mods to help me ride.. a new seat that will help me plant my feet better.. Brake mods to keep the rear brake on my good hand, and kickstand extensions to make it easier to park it and reach the stand with my prosthetic legs.


Oh, and I have a few other things in the works, as well.. Power plant mods for go-fast.. Paint in the future (yea, looking at you, Bob, my old friend;) And maybe some new pipes…

Wait.. I already got those! and installed them myself..

I think this almost qualifies as a check-off on my socket List!

Living life.. Enjoying summer.. what are you doing this summer?

Let’s go ride!