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Great weekend!

So I had a good weekend in Louisville! Got to see some new faces and old friends.. Hopefully helped out some OTA/PTAs with their perception of people with amputations, and with how they will give therapy in the future.

Went to eat at Buca’s with an old friend, then discovered my hotel had a bar.. Good times!

I got hit several times over the weekend with comments about my blog, and how I don’t post nearly as often as I used to. I was also told that still many new amputees within the circle of care I had are directed here.. And that I now have a responsibility to maintain this blog a little better..

I will do my best… My first things first.. I am going to reorganize all my videos onto one group of pages.. I have never been a big picture person, so I am going to concentrate on the videos more, I think..

I have lots of thoughts about being a person with amputations, and I need to get more of those thoughts written down, so they might help others..

This weekend has motivated me to get rolling a bit better on doing what I set out to do with this blog, to help others!

I got to meet some local “celebrities” this weekend as well. Kevin Trees, an above knee amputee who is a Sergeant for Louisville Metro Police Department. I got to meet Joe Riffe, the Prosthetic Medic, and I got to see him Walking on his new leg with the help of crutches. (links to his blog and his paypal donation site are on the left side bar, go check this guy out!)

I also got to meet a young lady who is a soccer player. She lost a leg below the knee only 4 weeks ago, and is already walking unaided!

Bravo girl, bravo! So proud for you. Keep it up! And remember what I told you.. No one (except mom and dad, lol) is allowed to tell you what you can and can’t do! No one is allowed to set limitations for you, and you are not handicapped!

Don’t be afraid to tell anyone off that tells you you can’t do anything you want to do, because you can! I know you can. I have seen you walk…

Next soccer season, if you and your mom invite me, I would love to come see you play in your first soccer game of the next season. I’ll be glad cheer you on, and knock down anyone who says you can’t.

You inspired me this weekend, kiddo.. you did good!

A mother’s love…

Parents can do amazing things when it comes to their children.. They will sacrifice everything, including their own life to keep them safe.

This woman, Stephanie Decker, nearly lost her life protecting her kids during the recent storms. what she did lose was her legs.


I read that story, and was moved, almost to tears. As a parent, as a fire fighter/EMT that has worked tornado wreckage, as an amputee… This woman had the courage to do what had to be done for her children.

I saw that she is in the same hospital system I was in when I had to lose my legs, I know she is in the best place for recovery and therapy. And I wish her well. She will meet many of the people that helped me, and I know they can do for her as they did for me.

I am told many of the new amputees at the U of L and Jewish/Frazier complex are directed here, to see life goes on. That there is still hope. So, on the off chance that Mrs. Decker or her family is directed here to read about my experiences..

You have my respect, Mrs. Decker. You paid nearly the ultimate price for your children. You are what other mothers should strive to be. “I’m Sorry you lost your legs” is something you will hear. But, because you lost your legs. your not hearing “I’m sorry you lost your children.”

As you go through your therapy, get new prosthetic legs, learn to live your life again… You remember that. You have your kids, you did it right. Your kids are worth it, and will always be worth it.

I stand in awe of you for it, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Mrs. Decker, you are a hero.


I invite everyone that reads my blog to go to the link above and share it. I think more parents should learn from this courageous woman’s actions.

I know I have.