Gait 2.0

I have really been working on improving my gait, and have taught myself a few new things in the process! Here is a short video of my much improved gait!

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Just checking in!

So, it has been quite some time since I posted a real text blog! I have been getting polite reminders that videos just are not enough! Well, here you go!

So, I have started back to college, with my major being PTA. That’s right, the guy who went through months of physical therapy wants to now torture other people! Yea Me!

College, at the age of 38 is a chore. I have to remember things from high school and my previous college experience, and it is a little overwhelming! Homework, homework, homework! Geez, really? Wow, math is what is really kicking my butt. I used math every day, but some of this stuff is just…plain… silly… Who cares what two points on a graph are going to do, when it comes to Physical Therapy?

Apparently, my pre calc teacher cares.

also, I am doing a lot of writing, but it is all for my English class! Thesis, outlines, summaries… I love to write, but not when it is a chore!

The classes I really enjoy are the Bio and Anatomy, and the Public Speaking class. I am holding an A average in those classes right now. I like to talk, and I understand the basics of Bio from my EMT days, so those classes are great! The other day, we dissected a rat! It was funny watching all the (very) young kids trying not to get sick while poking and prodding through the thing!

Also, I am simply enjoying the walking itself. I have three different buildings I have to go through and walk in.  And I do it unaided. One day, during the snow, I used a cane, but only because I was worried about slick sidewalks!

Life is so getting back to normal for me. I am enjoying myself again so much. I don’t think about my legs much, and i put on my prosthesis just like you put your shoes on in the morning. It is just something to be done so I can go about my day. I wish more people understood that.

I get told all the time if people that don’t know me well see me out.. “Oh, it is so good to see you out!” Of course, they say it in a slightly hushed and sympathetic tone. Like, this is the first time I have been out, and poor me is walking. HA! Get real! My friends and family tell me they get asked in those same tones, “So, how is Neil.. Is he ok?” Again.. Get real! It has been 14 months since my illness and all, and I am over it, recovering fine! Stop talking like I am still in the hospital, already!

The favorite thing for my brother Wes to say, when asked “Well, how is your brother doing?” in those poor pitiful tones is to ask them “Which one, I have two?” and then when they say me.. He responds “Oh, he is the same prick he has always been, doing fine!”

I love it! Wes gets it. I am me. I am over what happened, and moved on! I am walking, working, going to school, hanging with my kid, going out with friends… Just. Like. Always.

I’m good, so stop wringing your hands and asking about me in hushed tones! I am still the prick I have always been, and I am doing just peachy!

Enjoy your day! I have pre-calc homework callin my name!