All right already! I’m posting a new blog!

So, yes, it has been a while… I have heard from quite a few people lately that I need to post some thing new…. Well, here it is!

I haven’t really posted anything because there has been nothing to report. That has changed in the past few days, though.

Let’s see, happenings…..happenings….

First, I got my fingers a while back. I had to send them back :/

Long story short, there was a goof somewhere, and I was shorted a few fingers. (pun intended) so, I sent them back, and they were adjusted and mailed back to me. I have an index finger, middle finger and thumb now.

The thumb didn’t really help me much, more if a problem with my hand than a prosthetic design problem, and I still didn’t have a ring finger.

So, off in the mail again they went this week. I am trading the thumb for a ring finger! I have a stationary thumb setup that works for me, and with four fingers to go with, I should be good to go!

Next up on the news list, I bought a truck! Yea, i know, i have one already, but the folks were apprehensive about me driving a stick shift, so I got an automatic. I also got a set of hand controls for it, to further ease minds, and I have been driving the hell out of it!

Oh, a quick picture of it…


Also new on the news front… My leg has healed enough so I can start walking again!

It has only been a few days, bit I am already getting a feel for it once again. Being down so long, I lost some strength, and will have to work hard to gain it back, but I am no stranger to hard work and challenges!

I will say this…. One of my socket list items is driving my stick shift truck again… Well, mark that off the list! I drove it just fine, and really feel I wasted money buying an automatic just to make someone else happy, but oh well.

I still drove my little stick shift 4×4!

Next up on the list I think….

Motorcycle, baby!

Thank you to all my friends and loved ones, once again, for all your support! Without you pushing me forward, I don’t know I would have the courage to keep it up!

Oh, and by the way, RoC represent! (inside joke, if you understand it, great! If not, don’t worry 😉 )

Stay off the sidewalks….. Guess who is driving again!