Happy Memorial Day

Well, today is memorial day. I am sure many of you are at the lake, fishing, BBQing, motorcycle riding or many of the other things associated with this day. This day that marks the beginning of summer!

This is also the day to remember those who have fallen. Don’t ever forget that.

This day is about remembering our soldiers who gave their lives defending freedom. Some in some far away sandbox, some closer to home. They were all our soldiers, though. I think we forget at times this is more than just a three day weekend, or reason to party. You can count me in as one who sometimes forgets. But today, I am remembering.

Perhaps it is because I have been on one long miserable three day weekend from work since i got sick. Holidays don’t mean as much when you don’t look forward to the time off to spend with family. That is what holidays are about, mostly. Family, friends and loved ones getting together to celebrate life.

Just don’t forget that someone might not to see their soldier on holidays ever again, and don’t let that sacrifice go unnoticed. As you are spending time today doing what you love, remember the soldiers, and their loved ones. This is their day of memorial.

Now, on to an update!

So, I got new, smaller sockets. They have mostly sat idle on my prosthetics, as my left leg still has a tiny spot on it. It is so close to being healed, but not quite yet. Every time I get on my legs I set my little bad spots back a day or so. The right leg is completely healed, and it gets old sitting around, but I have to be patient.

I have to spend most of my time lying back, as sitting in the wheelchair too much makes my back not want to be straight. I have mentioned before that too much of a seated position shapes your back that way, and that really bites the big banana, ya know? But, I do what I must. I still do my leg excersises, but that only goes so far without a real workout.

Oh well, I have gotten used to playing the waiting game.

My prosthetic hand should be ready any time now. It has been a month or more since i had the hand casting done and my contact at Didrick Medical tells me it should take four to six weeks to make. I am hoping for the former, as I want a freaking opposable thumb again!

When my left leg heals, I am going to be working very hard to get on my feet again. Later in the month of June there is going to be my high school twenty year reunion. I may be missing some body parts, but I still have all my hair!

I would really like to go to this on my feet, and not in a wheelchair. We shall see.

Speaking of my hair… Since I got sick, the sides of my head have started going salt and pepper on me. More pepper than salt, but it is noticable! ACK! Oh well, at least I know someone who can fix that, if it gets too bad 😉

Well, that is all for my blog today. Have a great holiday, just remember why we have it, ok?

A tad bit of everything….

So, it has a been a bit. I know, I am being lazy, but hey, what else is new?
I have decided that I will post at least every two weeks to my blog, be it video or written. First off, a bit of housekeeping….

My computer is in the process as we speak of splitting the video I made. Youtube says they take up to 20 minute videos, and that one was only 18 minutes, who knows!

A big thank you goes out to all the people that made the benefit happen for me. The auction was a big success! The karaoke afterwards was the bomb-diggidy! It was great to see everyone! The poker run was rained out, but will be rescheduled for this summer. I am seriously considering splitting the money that comes in from the poker run between myself and the Wounded Warrior project. Randy Nalley over at Rooster Run does hunts for Wounded Warriors, perhaps I can get with him and see what donations might do to help him in his efforts for our soldiers.

If not for the soldiers, I would not have the great prosthetics that I have. Their sacrifice for our country has really raised the bar in the prosthetic world. I hate that they have been hurt, but without them, I might be walking on a wooden leg. Of course, our soldiers suffer from many things, not just amputations. You know or meet one of our armed services members, you better tell them thank you for their service.

If you don’t, I will take a leg off and beat you with it!

I went this past monday to KY Prosthetics to get a hand cast done for my x-fingers. I am stoked! In a little over a month I will have most of the use of my left hand back. I am not certain, but I think I might be the first person in KY to use this particular prosthetic. When I get them I will be doing plenty of video documentation for both myself and my prosthetics company I work with. I cant wait!

The cast itself was neat. They used a silicon material that was in the freezer for a couple of weeks! It was cold! It looked like hot wax going on my hand. It covered my hand top to bottom and up past my wrist, and when it set we pulled it off, it got stuck on my pinkie finger. I cried like a little girl,(or so my prosthetist Matt says. Thanks dude, now I have to turn in my man card) but we got it off.

The mould copied my hand right down to my palm prints. It also took the hair off the top of my hand. O_o

I am also getting a new set of sockets done for my legs. The ones I have now are getting way big. I have to use ten or eleven socks to get a decent fit. Imagine having to wear eleven pairs of socks to get your shoes to fit. Sounds uncomfortable, doesn’t it?

I am still fighting sore spots on my resi-limbs, so I have not been able to do much walking. This is driving me nuts! Spending all your time in a chair really sucks. Something a bit funny I have noticed, since spending so much time in a cushioned wheelchair, is that when I sit in a regular chair it hurts! We have hardwood chairs in the kitchen at the table, and my poor posterior can hardly handle it. LOL

Well, I guess this is it for the moment. I am going to get back to finishing up the video and see if I can get it up today.

I hope all the mothers out there have a Happy Mothers Day!